4 Valuable Trading Lessons – Umesh Shanmugam

A). No matter how good you think you’re in the knowledge of the financial markets, your perception would change when your hard-earned money is at stake. No matter how much you’ve read about trading, you’ll realize that theory is different from practice when the market shows you its true color.

B). If you lose in the markets, don’t despair. It means you’re only paying tuition fees to the markets. Eventually, you’ll stop losing more than you gain and become a great trader and harvest profits from the markets on annual basis. It may take some time and perseverance to achieve this. Just make sure you learn from your mistakes and never repeat them.

C). The best strategies are trend-following strategies. One of the best trading methods is to buy pullbacks in an uptrend or sell rallies in a downtrend. Some indicators can be used to attain this aim (like moving averages). It pays to go with the overall trend. When a trend changes, it must be confirmed before one starts going with it.

D). It is very dangerous to trade without stop loss or to refuse to go out of the market that’s going against you. There are no other ways protect your account as a private trader. This is a way to deal with the permanent uncertainty in the markets. You mayn’t make profits sometimes, but you can make your losses to be as small as possible. By taking risk management serious, you’ll never lose a huge percentage of your portfolio. When you specialize on not losing, you’ll eventually make money and go ahead in the markets.