32 inch Curved LED infotainment sets from Sky LED takes West Bengal with a storm

Sky LED is one of the very few brands in the electronic goods segment that has not been affected by demonetization. On the contrary, the entity is doing brisk business, confounding many a seasoned market watcher. Others however, see nothing unnatural in the phenomenon. As one reputed Kolkata based dealer of television sets put it, “Sky LED has a huge price advantage, offering their entire range at extremely attractive price points, which has endeared them to the buyers. The company is offering 32 inch curved LED TVs at the same price as its competitors sell their flat screen LED’s. The choice is obvious.”

Similarly, 17 inch Sky LED TVs are priced in the same bracket as old colour television sets, which have made them a raging tit among the intelligent buyers. “Speaking of intelligence” says the dealer, “Sky television sets are literally intelligent as they can be used as computer monitors as well. As a matter of fact, they are mostly wifi enabled, have inbuilt sound systems and are fast emerging as the single stop information-cum-entertainment solution to wired families”.

As Rais Qureshi, Chairman cum Managing Director of the entity puts it, “our Television sets are beyond television and are more infotainment enablers. In most houses where we have been given the pride of place, we are conversation pieces, as opposed to the ubiquitous TV trying to blend into the surroundings”. Qureshi has reasons to be loud – manufactured in the company’s facility in China and incorporating the latest, state of the art technologies, his products are being lapped up, not only for the aggressive pricing but also for the obvious edges provided by both quality and technology. “As a matter of fact” says one distributor from the districts, “Sky LED has all the 5 P’s of marketing going for it – the product is good, the pricing is attractive, the promotions are competitive, the company’s top people are friendly and they are certainly in the right place at the right time.”

Sky LED, which entered the West Bengal market just the other day with its offering of top-end Television sets, has already curved out a distinct niche for itself with 10 dedicated distributors helping in its penetration drive. As a matter of fact, the demand from the districts, especially Malda and Murshidabad has also caught Qureshi off guard, “the demand is so high even in the remote villages that we are being forced to rework our distribution strategies. As a matter of fact, we are planning to augment production even as we go about appointing new dealers.”

The districts may be giving the company its numbers, but it is the high-visibility market of Kolkata that is providing Qureshi with the quiet contentment that he now flaunts. Harmony House, the name that is synonymous with the city’s electronics trade, has become a Channel Partner of Sky, which is obviously another feather in the brand’s cap. Says Qureshi, “we are extremely proud to be associated with a preeminent name like Harmony House. We are sure that the partnership will grow from strength to strength, even as we go about refurbishing our position in our home base in West Bengal.”