30,000 professionals of Sasmira Alumni voice for No Naked Child

Garment collection drive at Sasmira Institute begins


Texathon, world’s first and only run organized by the textile community to take place in Mumbai on 9th July


Registrations are now LIVE at www.texathon.com

Mumbai, 6 July 2017: SASMIRA at Worli is a landmark of Mumbai with strong roots in Textile sector since last   50 years.  The institute which has trained over 30,000 professionals who run businesses globally today, have come together to form Sasmira Alumni Foundation (SAF) to give an impetus to a cause which truly needs to be voiced.  The concept, aptly titled NO NAKED CHILD, is a unique initiative which aims to provide clothing to under privileged children across the country with the help of several partners supporting the cause.

Mr. Mahesh Bapat, Secretary, Sasmira Alumni Foundation (SAF), “This large network is being brought together by the Sasmira Alumni Foundation (SAF) to effectively work together in a coordinated manner towards hosting TEXATHON, an annual affair which is an effort to galvanize the alumni and others from the textile industry in a unique way for execute the world’s 1st Textile Community Run, “Texathon”, scheduled for 9th July 2017. The Texathon property by SAF, is world’s first and only run organized by the textile community. It stems from the experience that depicts the changing face of India. We, the Textile fraternity can do a great deal in this generation by putting together our efforts. Who else but the Clothing Man can best make this happen”.

Ms. Kavita Gupta, Textile Commissioner who lends her support to the event shares, “I am really very happy that SAF has put together this first of its kind event in the world which throws light on two key aspects, one is the cause of No Naked Child which means clothing for the under-privileged through the run and other is the Physical Fitness which takes a back seat in this otherwise glamorous world.  Texathon thus aims to bring two energies together making it a memorable event for the Textile fraternity”.

At the onset of the major announcement of the cause, Mr. Charan Ahuja, Project Head – No Naked Child, Sasmira Alumni Foundation (SAF) shares “Over the next 2 weeks, SAF proposes to have a collection centers at SASMIRA and across places in Mumbai for students, alumni, textile companies and the public in general to give sparingly used clothing, fabrics and garment surplus for the cause of ‘No Naked Child”.

Joining hands with Goonj – an NGO recognized for its vast reach in addressing basic need of clothing through its various campaigns across the country, SAF will reach out to many helping hands to give their surplus to the NO NAKED CHILD cause. This will be done by way of financial contributions for spending on stitching of the fabrics as well as for sourcing surplus garments from the industry. Mr Anshu Gupta, Founder-Director, GOONJ shared: “For us the issue was that clothing was never considered an issue. Despite being in the list of 3 basic needs of human kind, it always remained a non-issue. For GOONJ, clothing is synonymous of dignity. We don’t do charity with the most charitable subject which is clothing. Rather people work on their own issues under our nationwide initiative Cloth for Work and then are rewarded with clothes and other material. GOONJ, which means ‘echo’ uses clothes as a resource. I wish Texathon all the best and we are certainly happy to work together on this campaign.

Mr. Mahesh Bapat, Secretary, Sasmira Alumni Foundation (SAF), further adds, “Texathon” is aimed at the textile community, but it will be embracing all runners, professionals across the community and those wanting to make a difference by being a part of this first of its kind initiative and keeping alive the rick culture of Textile sector”.

“Texathon” will be run at distances of 10k, 5k, 3.5k respectively on 9th July 2017. It is a perfect Monsoon run with the heavy rains to cool the runners down. The marathon will traverse through scenic parts of Worli Seaface, Dadar, Prabhadevi etc. This marathon will give a chance to people to participate in an initiative which will help in clothing underprivileged children. The aim of this marathon is to raise funds which will help to support “No Naked Child”.

SAF invites the fraternity to and the community at large to be a part of this Run for a Cause Initiative at http://texathon.com/