25 years of continued success in treating Heart Diseases spurs Fortis Escorts to launch the Fortis Escorts Liver and Digestive Diseases Institute

  • Integrated Liver & Digestive Diseases Institute equipped with state-of-the-art equipment 
  • India’s top Gastroenterology team establishes Center of Excellence for Liver and digestive diseases

PR_Union Health Minister Mr J P Nadda inagurating the Fortis Escorts Liver & Digestive Diseases Institute (FELDI). Dr_ PR_FELDI_Newly launched FELDI facility

New Delhi, August 18th, 2015: Following the success of Fortis Escorts for over 25 years in the field of Cardiology, the preferred healthcare leader is combining the best talent and technology to establish a fully integrated Center of Excellence for Liver and Digestive Diseases. The team is led by Dr. Ajay Kumar, Chief & Executive Director, Fortis Escorts Liver & Digestive Diseases Institute and the Liver transplant team is led by Dr. Vivek Vij, Director, Liver Transplant & GI Surgery.


The Fortis Escorts Liver & Digestive Diseases Institute (FELDI) was inaugurated today by the Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Mr. Jagat Prakash Nadda.  A complete range of comprehensive diagnostic and pathological tests backed by cutting-edge state-of-the-art technology and innovations will be available at the Institute to enable speedy and accurate diagnosis and treatment.


Dr. Ajay Kumar, Chief & Executive Director, Fortis Escorts Liver & Digestive Diseases Institute said, “This Institute with its state of the art facilities in form of world class infrastructure, state of the art equipment and backed by the leaders in the profession will strive to provide state of art care to patients suffering from Gastrointestinal, Pancreaticobiliary and Liver Disorders. While dealing with daily mundane disorders like diarrhea, GERD, etc, it will also provide care of International standards for complex disorders like GI Cancers, Pancreatitis and Cancers and Liver transplant.”


Dr. Kumar is a B C Roy award recipient by President of India. Dr. Vivek Vij is a pioneering liver transplant surgeon credited with 2500 liver transplants. He is a recipient of a special award by the International Liver Transplant Society. They are supported by expert leaders Dr Manav Wadhawan, Dr. Vikram Bhatia and Dr. Rajeev Shandil to establish this Centre of Excellence. Advance research and teaching in this area of skill and expertise remain additional focus of the department.


Heartburn, acidity and burps are not a one off thing. Your stomach is trying to tell you to go easy. “The stomach is one of the most important organs of the body. It plays a vital role in digestion of foods, releases various enzymes and also protects the lower intestine from harmful organisms. The stomach connects to the esophagus above and to the small intestine below. Abdominal illnesses are common and are caused by various internal and external factors as well as have many different symptoms,” cautions this Gastroenterologist. Your stomach lining is a delicate tissue, which once ruined can cause adverse health problems and may sometimes even lead to surgeries Your stomach lining is a delicate tissue, which once ruined can cause adverse health problems and may sometimes even lead to surgeries Your stomach lining is a delicate tissue, which once ruined can cause adverse health problems and may sometimes even lead to surgeriesDr. Somesh Mittal, Zonal Director FEHI, said, “There is a definite need for an institution of excellence of the caliber of the Fortis Escorts Liver and Digestive Diseases Institute. After the stupendous success of Fortis Escorts Heart Institute where the Institute has become synonymous with the finest coronary care, we are now setting up the Fortis Escorts Liver & Digestive Diseases Institute. We are proud to announce an exceptionally skilled team with expertise in Liver & Digestive diseases especially as these diseases is increasing in epidemic proportions in India. Our goal is to deliver excellent healthcare of global standards to patients suffering from these problems.”


Large population in India has suffered from some form of Gastrointestinal/Liver disorder or the other. India has a major burden of all Hepatitis B and C viruses. These are the major sources of liver diseases. In addition to this, Metabolic Syndrome is affecting the large young population of the country and liver disease in form of Fatty liver is its major component. Thus India has the burden of both infective disease and life style diseases and one witnesses large number of cirrhosis, liver cancer etc. the country has still not come out of basic infective diseases like water borne infections causing diarrhea, jaundice etc , life style diseases and cancers have added to the disease burden. Therefore, it is a fight on one side with problems of clean water and sewage, on the other side is the issue of having to treat modern diseases with latest technological advances.

Increasing number of people from third world countries look towards India to provide state of art treatment of all these diseases which are cost effective as compared to western countries. It becomes utmost priority to develop integrated centres of excellence to keep pace with all these demands.



Fortis Escorts has set benchmarks in providing clinical excellence with its path breaking work over the past 26 years. The hospital is backed by the most advanced laboratories performing complete range of investigative tests. This 120 bedded department, that includes Transplant ICU and ICU dedicated to Liver and Digestive diseases, with state-of-the-art Operation Theatres has an extensive framework of specialized medical programmes focused on providing clinical excellence integrated with cutting-edge technologies and innovations to offer world-class treatment.

The Liver & Digestive Diseases Institute provides comprehensive high-end care for a wide spectrum of gastrointestinal, pancreatic and liver disorders through a highly qualified, experienced team of specialists supported by state-of-the-art technology. The department prides itself in providing compassionate care in a soothing ambience with a high premium on patient satisfaction.

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