Navya – looking for connoisseurs to have designs on!

navya102Keeping in mind the wedding and the festive seasons, we at Navya have designed some very contemporary sarees catering to the needs of today’s woman. We have also come up with some trendy and vibrant sarees for the ensuing festive season. They are trendy, vibrant and fashionable but at the same time, keeping the Benaras grarana’s romance and allure alive in every piece. Our collections are completely hand woven, and no machines are involved in the production process to ensure the exclusivity of each piece. Weaving one saree gives employment to a family and at large a huge community of weavers who were jobless due to the advent of power looms and imports from China depend on connoisseurs like you – not only to earn their living but also to see their art reach the audience where they are appreciated. We provide them with the contemporary designs  and the weaves marry them with the tradition of their respective “gharanas” in an effort to ensure that these traditional crafts are not lost due to the onslaught of “modern times”. This makes each and every saree an unique piece of art, apart from being the carrier of a legacy that is uniquely Indian – something to be proud of . The materials vary from saree to saree and also for different seasons keeping in mind the practicality associated with draping up. During winters, for example, we mainly do Silk sarees – whose rich allure works as perfect accompaniments to the nip in the air.

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