Mystical Evening @ Club BW with ​Lady of Fortune, Astrologer JAI MADAAN

New Delhi : ​Club BW host​ed a night high on glam quotient with celebrities curious to explore the black and white sides of their lives with Astrologer Jai Madaan.  Club BW presented a perfect occasion for those seeking answers for that one intriguing question which they always wanted to unravel.  Using Tarot and Palm reading as her mediums, Jai took a glimpse into the past, present, and future, of the guests present the event. The evening witnessed city’s glitterati in attendance where ​designers Ankita and ​Avantik​a Chaudhry , ​Mr. Richie Arora, Mr.Varun Katyal , Ratika Seth ,Mayyur Girotra , Seema Puri to name a few.

 Astrologer Jai Madaan Designer Duo Ankita and Avantika Ritu Isaac Singer Kamkshi Khanna with Tarana Marwa and Akshiena Khanna

Talking about the event: Mr. Amit Nigam, GM CLUB BW said “CLUB BW is synonymous with the die-hard party spirit of Delhiites. As the name itself suggests, Club BW evokes the black and white sides of our personality with its thrilling music and ambiance. Our aim is to give people a place to party everyday and keeping the aim going are our signature nights on Wednesdays and Fridays where there is great music with the never ending party spirit and we are getting a great response for these nights.

About CLUB BW:

Club BW introduces us to the world of Elegance, Glamour, Grace and Fashion. Dwell in the luxuries of life from liquor and music to the Glam Culture. BW gives the uppermost luxury in a Black and White way. The royal welcome by the king and queen and the shimmer of the main floor will make anybody jitter away the worries to its whimsical euphoria.

With a completely distinctive concept “Club BW” is big enough to fill its gaping girth. So as you enter lofty gates you are welcomed a world of finesse, luxury, leisure and fun time ahead.