BESC’s magnum opus UMANG looks ahead with Nostalgia!

BESC 12.01.2019. UMANG is Kolkata’s top draw in the college fests circuit. It is more than a mere inter-college event, it is an emotion, something that the college going fraternity looks forward to. It is also the most glamorous and the biggest of its kind in this part of the world, one that is exclusively organised and conducted by the students themselves.

besc umang

UMANG is also a platform that provides budding talents to showcase their skills straddling the entire spectrum from debates and writing skills to nail art. As a matter of fact, UMANG this time will feature a total of 72 events that will be spread over four days. As many as 1000+ participants from 56 colleges are expected to compete for the top slots.

UMANG will be organised within the confines of the BESC campus, which because of its enclosed nature provides captive audience for the sponsors and exhibitors. This year a total of approximately 15 thousands students are expected to be a part: all opinion makers, hardcore consumers with disposable incomes to spare.

Umang has always started with a bang. The UMANG being held in 2019  is actually the 2018 chapter of  the fest and this is for a reason. This year UMANG has as its theme ‘Nostalgia’, which promises to take everyone on a trip down memory lane. As is the norm in The Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC), even the minutest of details are paid heed to for here the search for excellence is not a means to an end but is an end in itself.   

For the first time in the history of college fests a non-fiction book is being launched in UMANG – INDICTING GOLIATH by Lal Bhatia, our title sponsor. Other entities that have come on board to utilize this opportunity of establishing connect with the city’s youth include PAYTM, HAVELLS, TGIF, INOX and HHI .

One of the major attractions of UMANG is the celebrity performance that brings the curtain down. In the past we have had stars like Guru Randhawa, Sunidhi Chauhan, The Meet Brothers and the like have, set the stage on fire. This year no less is expected from the BE-ITES.

 About the BESC:

The Bhawanipur Education Society College is the most happening campus in the city where 10000+ students are enrolled in the pursuit of academic excellence. Sporting a completely wired campus with infrastructure that is as good as it can get, it also has state of the art facilities, like one of the most stocked libraries, a food court and variety of extra-curricular activities.

The BESC was established right after the nation had got independence with lofty ideals like providing quality education irrespective of constraints of caste, creed, colour or religion. It had started with an overwhelmingly commerce core as the need to provide college facilities to people who were otherwise gainfully employed was felt. BESC was also an institution that was aimed at providing equal opportunities to the girl child in those days of yore.

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Bhawanipur’s commerce core and the obsession to provide equal opportunities continue in the same vein. What has however evolved over time is the BESC  way of imparting education. Here the stress is on building better human beings as opposed to cramming them with mere academics. The main focus is on empowering the students and UMANG is one of the major exercises they participate in towards this end.

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(Alisha Abbas, is a student at The Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC) pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication. She was born and brought up in Dubai where she studied in the Indian High School. She has come to Kolkata to pursue higher studies and aims at achieving success in the field of Journalism. For her, the ambience in BESC is electrifying – “I couldn’t have imagined that a college fest can be such a scale had I not been a part of Umang” she says. “Being here in the BESC has been like a revelation for me and I will surely put in my everything to make the best of the opportunities that the college provides.”)