​IP-COM Brings Perfect Solution for Your IP- Camera and WLAN Deployments

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Ip com
NEW DELHI: January 4, 2016: IP-COM the global leader in manufacturing and supplying Commercial networking products and solution brings range of High Power (POE + AT) POE switches best fit for your IP-Camera/IP-Phone/WLAN Deployments. IP-COM offers complete end to end WLAN Networking Solutions & Equipment for SMB’s and Commercial Establishments. IP-COM ‘s product are best suited to provide solutions to industries such as Hospitality, Real Estate, Hot Spot zones, Corporations, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Airport. IP-COM is a channel friendly brand and have full fledge operations in India with local sales team and Radington as National distributor.

IP-COM Brings Range of High Power (POE+/AT) POE Switches best fit for your IP-Camera/IP-Phone/WLAN Deployments, don’t get trapped with cheap POE switch where power budget is just less than half of half, and this is where they show you low cost but avoid to tell you that you might need to add another switch if you are planning to put good quality camera or WLAN AP, IP-COM brings cost effective, high performance all port high power POE switch.

And what is UNIQUE is three of our offered switches support cable length of 250 m. This can save a lot of your cost as well as implementation would be easy, now you don’t need to worry about extending power connection as well as adding another switch to carry forward your network.

Most important is almost all the switches are on high quality Broadcom Chipset that further adds up to its quality and performance.

 In WLAN too IP-COM also carries complete range of indoor wireless AP’S and outdoor AP’S along with controllers and are very cost effective solution for System Integrators, our controllers can manage AP’s from 16 to 3000.

Based on different application environments IP-COM provides specific and varied solutions with its numerous product lines. IP-COM is a market’s new hope in terms of networking solutions and products that offers better margins than the existing brands. All these solutions have features of artistic installation, unified management and intelligent QoS

About IP-COM

IP-COM has been a market player for the last 15 years and has emerged as a strong OEM manufacturer for networking products. For the last eight years IP-COM has been growing steadily and has been awarded as the top 10 most popular brands in China. IP-COM stands second in IDC as per status and positioning. IP-COM has three R&Ds located in US and China with 1000+ highly trained engineers. All IP-COM products are designed in US and made in China in self-owned factories with more than 3000 highly qualified workforce. 90% or more of IP-COM products are designed based on Broadcom Chipset to ensure high quality and stability of the product. IP-COM wishes to achieve the greatest height in the SMB WLAN space. IP-COM has founded 7 overseas branches and has planned to enter into the Indian subcontinent to become one of the prominent and preferred SMB/SME WLAN brand at this region. For more information please visit http://www.ip-com.com.cn/en/


For more details you may contact : meenakshi@proalliancepr.com / India@ip-com.com.cn