What Are Benefits Brought by Cisco 300-430 Certification Exam?

Most probably you heard many of your colleagues talking about Cisco exams. Not everyone manages to pass their tests as their difficulty is quite high. Cisco is an international vendor that develops Author: Tristan O to help successful candidates differentiate from their competition. Interestingly enough, recruiters around the world value Cisco certifications and consider that they are the best evaluation exercise that an IT specialist could use. If you think of becoming a true specialist in wireless technologies, then the Cisco 300-430 assessment is exactly what you need. It will help you become a certified Enterprise Wireless Implementation specialist making you part of an exclusive group of IT specialists that are always hunted by the top companies in the world. Did we make you curious? Keep reading our article and find about the benefits that Author: Jasmine P can bring you.

Skills Measured by 300-430 Certification Test

Before we will tell you about the advantages brought by the Cisco 300-430, we want to offer you more details on the topics tested during this assessment. Thus, you should be ready to develop advanced skills in handling the following concepts:

  • FlexConnect efficient management;
  • QoS features and services;
  • Multicast environment;
  • Advanced location services;
  • Ensuring security for client connectivity;
  • Developing monitoring solutions;
  • Author: Luis Q

300-430 exam is necessary to get the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Wireless Implementation badge. Also, it will help you get the CCNP Enterprise accreditation. However, if you want to obtain this CCNP Enterprise credential, first, you will also need to pass 350-401 ENCOR assessment.

Benefits Brought by 300-430

Coming back to the benefits brought by this test, you shouldn’t forget about the reputation that Cisco has. As you will get a certification from one of the most famous vendors in the world, you should expect to be treated as a special candidate by international companies. Recruiters appreciate those candidates who have the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Wireless Implementation badge in their resume. They know that Author: Aurora R is quite hard. Therefore, they are sure that the candidate’s knowledge was tested thoroughly and the respective specialist will bring added value to their team. On the other hand, this assessment will help you boost your self-confidence. If you manage to get the passing score in 300-430 from the first attempt, you can be sure that you will be able to deliver solutions for any company in this world. Therefore, at the end of the certification process, you will feel more confident and trust your knowledge. Finally, as this test helps you gain an international certification, it is normal that your chances to work in an international company are higher. Therefore, Author: Elias S a more generous offer and get the job of your dreams. Your reputation in the company will be stronger and you will feel that your efforts are finally valued.


The benefits brought by the Author: Alice T cannot be ignored. Once you become a certified specialist, you will see how your career is going to change. Your interview discussions will be easier and you will be able to ask for higher offers than the market’s average. So, what are you waiting for?