bodyshopS.H.E. – Support Her Education, A campaign aimed at providing education, nutrition, healthcare & self-defense training to 100 Girls from rural and underprivileged background.


A big thank you and congratulations to the very compassionate customers of The Body Shop India who have made this campaign a success with their generous contribution.


We are extremely grateful to each customer who has come forward to contribute towards the education, food and healthcare of these deserving young girls. Education plays a very important role in the lives of these girls as it empowers them to earn a respectable livelihood, participate in family decision making process and make better choices regarding the health and care of their children. We are very happy with the response generated by this initiative and we applaud the generosity of every customer and staff who has contributed towards this.

Shriti Malhotra – Chief Operating Officer

The Body Shop India


This is a truly remarkable achievement and I’m ecstatic with the tremendous contribution by The Body Shop India customers.Their generosity is truly commendable and I’m glad that the purpose of helping these girls get a brighter future is fulfilled. It takes great deal of dedication and courage to bring such a massive change in the society and The Body Shop has really made a difference with the brilliant S.H.E – SUPPORT HER EDUCATION Campaign.

Vivek Oberoi – Actor, Philanthropist

S.H.E. Campaign Advocate


The aim of this campaign was to get the girl child an avenue to establish her individual identity. We thank The Body Shop India for helping us increase the awareness of educating girls and helping us raise funds to sponsor the wellbeing of underprivileged girls. The Body Shop has given lot of encouragement to our organization and hope to our children to have a secure future in front of them. We humbly thank Vivek Oberoi for supporting and lending his voice to this major cause.

Nikunja Vasini – Co-founder of FFLV

S.H.E. Campaign Partner NGO


Through this campaign, Food for Life Vrindavan (FFLV) & The Body Shop India endeavor to enhance and empower 100 young girls from rural and underprivileged background into self-confident and powerful

young women. The transition is already evident as many of these girls are now aiming for higher education with the zeal to achieve their goal.



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Food for Life Vrindavan(FFLV) is a charity located in Vrindavan. It was founded by Rupa Raghunath Das

in 1990. The service began with small-scale evening meal distribution to the street kids and currently they are running a number of projects. In the year 2000, their sponsorship program was established under the guidance of Nikunja Vasini(Co founder, FFLV). That is how FFLV evolved into an educational project.


Their focus, however, has always been educating girls. Currently they have 2 running schools with about 1200 girls attending. The school provides for everything essential for these girls to learn, grow and reach their full potential. Apart from teaching a syllabus recognized by UP government, the girls have a wide variety of extra circulars to pick from. They teach various dance forms (Kathak, Contemporary, Oddissi, Folk), singing, musical instruments (Harmonium, Tabla, Mridangam), karate, stitching, embroidery, drawing, art and henna etc.