SKYLED gives the world of televisions a Sky-fi

The ubiquitous Television set is no more a mere necessary prop in every household. On the contrary, it now occupies the pride of place, quietly having transformed into a conversation piece, with its sleek looks, power packed performance and the ability to deliver stunning pictures and sound. There have occurred other massive technological jumps as far as the television sets are concerned, as well – they are now fully integrated multi-media devices, capable of bringing together television, video, music systems and the internet, are smart enough to pair with devices through a host of protocols and are as near to reading the owner’s mind as was not imaginable even a couple of years back.

And leading the charge with these Smart TV’s is a Kolkata based company – SKYLED. However, it is misnomer to call SKYLED “Kolkata based” as it is a truly homegrown multinational, sourcing its components from Korea, Taiwan and other manufacturers in the far east; producing its sets in China, having an office in Hong Kong  and retailing out of its assembling line in Noida, it has already established a pan-India presence through a complex network of dealers, agents and support services.

The prices at which SKY LED television sets retail in the market, is in one word, unbelievable. While it matches the quality and performance of comparable sets from the established brands from Japan and Korea feature for feature, the price points at which its sets are available make them extremely attractive to the consumers. As a matter of fact, potential consumers who have been subjected to blind tests (where the logos on the tv sets are hidden and consumers are asked to pick one among many based on picture and sound quality) have overwhelmingly chosen sets from SKYLED over those from other established brands.

The 15,000 plus LED sets that SKY has sold during the year so far is a mute testimonial refurbishing this fact and market watchers are confident that the company will easily surpass the magic figure of 50,000 sets in the current fiscal. “SKYLED is a phenomenon and their sets have not only taken the market by storm but are so popular that customers now come in ask for them by name, something even well-established brands feel jealous about” said one retailer, obviously enamoured with SKY.

Another reason behind the run-away success of SKYLED televisions is its presence in all the segments: 24”, 32”, 32” (smart), 40” (Full High Definition) and 40” (smart). It has also curved out for itself a stunning niche in the upper ends of the market, again with a variety of offerings across the 50”, 55” and 60” sets with Ultra High Definition (UHD) and 4K capabilities built in. To put things in the right perspective, SKYLED is the first company in India to provide a 50” UHD, 4K television set at less than Rs 40,000, with picture and sound quality that is often way better than what its competitors have on offer, that too at price points that are much higher.

There are number of reasons that allow SKYLED to offer its state of the art television sets at such tempting prices. For one, its production facilities in China are leased as opposed to owned which has done away with the necessity of heavy capital investments. Secondly, it sources its components directly from manufacturers across mainland china and the far east, giving it substantial price advantages apart from the quality edge. The low per unit cost of production, in China too adds to the bottom-line, earnings that the company shares with its customers as opposed to digesting it.

However, the one area where SKYLED scores hands down is in advertising. The Company spends virtually nothing on advertising and brand building which take up a considerable portion of the competitor’s kitty, choosing to pass on the benefit to the customers and depending on word-of-mouth publicity to drive its sales. It also maintains an extremely lean management team which too ensures that it is able to sell its products at the kind of prices it does.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that potential customers driven to retail points by the advertising blitz of the competitors, often go back home carrying SKYLED television sets, convinced by their quality and enamoured by their year-long invitational pricing. As a matter of fact, it won’t be long before SKY forces that hands of the so-called market leaders and lead the way to more realistic pricings.

And now SKYLED is all set to kick up another storm – the company is all set to introduce the latest advance in the world of entertainment – the Video Wall.

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