NISA to launch nationwide protest against increasing government intervention in unaided private schools’ management

~ To mark the protest, all private schools across the country to function with BLACK RIBBON on 12 October and send representation to hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi.~
~ Alleges of harassment of teachers and staffs on the name of police verification. 80% teaching and non-teaching staffs in private schools are women.~
~ If demands not heard, will plan massive demonstration in December.~

New Delhi, 5 October 2017: The largest congregation of Budget Private Schools in India, National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA), will mark 12 October 2017 as BLACK DAY in protest of increasing government intervention in day to day school management. 60,000 Schools from all across the country associated with NISA will continue operation as usual on 12th October. However, the teaching and non-teaching staffs will wear BLACK RIBBON and put BLACK FLAG on school gate and school buses..

Mr. Kulbhushan Sharma, National President of NISA said, “There is a conspiracy going on against private unaided schools. Rules are being framed to discriminate various types of schools on the basis of affiliation, status and infrastructure. We are being discriminated and harassed by various government bodies for some reason or the other. Thus we will be doing a peaceful protest on 12 October 2017, and will mark it as ‘BLACK DAY’. During the protest, all private schools across the country to function with BLACK RIBBON and send representation to hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi. If our demands are not heard then we will be forced to intensify our protest in months to come.” On the matter of safety of students in the context of tragic death accident of a student in Gurugram, Mr Sharma alleged government for lack of vision and coordination. He said that since the day of accidents, schools have received school safety guidelines from CBSE, court, state education department and police and all the guidelines differ from each other. He said that NISA was faster than all the government bodies to come to action post Gurugram student death and issued advisory to all schools in network to ensure safety and security of students, staffs, school premises and vehicles.

Dr Amit Chandra, National Coordinator of NISA said, “Everyone needs to contribute to the mission of imparting quality education to all the children of the country. Governments lacked capacity and found partner in private schools to fulfill the mission. Today around 40% students are enrolled in private schools and getting quality education at very affordable price. Private schools’ contribution can’t be underestimated. Government intervention in private schools is leading to corruption and politicization of education. Schools are being forced to take admission of Economically Weaker Section students while reimbursement is not being made. Government should fund for all students and schools will be happy to teach children.”
Mr Prem Chand Deshwal, The President of the Private Land Public Schools Association, Delhi which is the member of NISA said, “All the rules, regulations and policies are impractical and biased. Private schools are not involved in the process of making policy. Even the recent school safety guidelines are causing us trouble. 80% School staffs are female and facing difficulties in police verification process, CCTV cameras will result into burdening parents with increased cost. Principals are being penalised for accidents and therefore Principals are unwilling to continue as Principal and teachers are unwilling to be promoted as teachers. School management is de-motivated with bureaucratic procedures. Schools are being portrayed as villains.”