MCC honours Indian Women Cricketers with honorary Life Membership

In a rare gesture, the Marylbone Cricket Club (MCC) has taken consent from nine former Indian women cricket for the much-coveted Honorary Life Membership. The nine Indian ladies who will be so honoured are Diana Edulji, Shanta Rangaswami, Shubhngi Kulkarni, Sudha Shah, Sandhya Agarwal, Neetu David, Gargi Banerjee, Shashi Gupta and Amita Sharma.

“I am humbled by the gesture” said Gargi Banerjee, “the way the institution has sought us out and sent us their appreciation of the little that we have achieved is indeed touching. I would like to take the opportunity of putting on record our gratitude – from all of us who have been so honoured and on behalf of all Indian women who love the game – thank you MCC. A big Thank You is also due to the BCCI who have fecilitated the entire process. This is another proof that Cricket is well and truely, God’s greatest gift to (wo)mankind!”