Kolan India to Unveil Bath Wipes

New Delhi: Kolan India, an emerging startup is soon going to announce its foray into the premium health & hygiene care product with the launch of ‘ Kolan Bath Wipes’ , a product which is biodegradable, eco-friendly & offers hygienic water-less cleaning to your entire body will be launched under the Kolan India umbrella.

“At Kolan, we are committed to provide the product which is 100% hygienic and nature friendly,” said Manisha Agarwal, Founder, Kolan India. “We are now taking forward this commitment to offer safe, pure and natural products with the launch of our Kolan bath wipes, which is made from extra thick & soft 100% natural cellulose fabric thus offering higher absorbency. Kolan bath wipes is an optimum alternate to your regular bath,” Mrs.Agarwal said.

Hygienic sanitation facilities are crucial for public health. As per World Health Organsiation report, 32% of the world’s population does not use at least a basic sanitation service due to which some  842 000 people in low- and middle-income countries die as a result of inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene each year, representing 58% of total death. Poor sanitation is believed to be the main cause in some 280 000 of these deaths.

The usual wipes are mostly non biodegradable in nature which is destroying our planet: from clogging up our sewers to creating floods of noxious waste and even triggering outbreaks of severe allergies. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s report, about 20 billion disposable diapers are dumped in landfills every year, which accounts to be more than 3.5 million tons of waste. Whereas the Kolan wipes are biodegradable and thus making them ecologically safe for disposal unlike the usual wipes.

Being nature friendly is not the only property that Kolan bath wipes possess; it is also anti-bacterial & dermatologically tested which makes it a unique wipe that ensures effective cleaning to your entire body where water bath is not possible.

The Kolan bath wipes are useful for the people who are involved with outdoor activities like biking, climbing, camping etc. It is helpful for Sports men, military men and for bed ridden patients who cannot take bath. It also protects the skin against tanning.

With the commitment of providing best products to its customer Kolan India will soon be available in the market. The Bath Wipes is going to be one solution to many needs without any false promises.