King Khan teams up with the King of Fruits For a fresh ‘n’ juicy summer!

SRK Frooti is my Mango

New Delhi, 5th March 2013: As the heat intensifies, this summer is about to get a whole lot fresher ‘n’ juicier with King Khan joining forces with the King Of Fruits in Frooti’s brand new television commercial. Known for its clutter-breaking commercials involving pranks and reality shows, Frooti has changed the game yet again by bringing superstar Shahrukh Khan on board as its Brand Ambassador.

Never before in the history of Frooti has the brand taken on a celebrity endorsement with such magnanimous popularity and appeal. In a collaboration that seems like it was destined to be, SRK’s larger than life ‘King Khan’ persona blends seamlessly with the yummy mango’s King of Fruits status.

Proud to be associated with the 27 years old brand, Frooti, superstar Shahrukh Khan said, “It’s an absolute honour to be associated with an Indian company of the stature of Parle Agro. And I’m delighted to be the face of Frooti, the mango drink that the entire nation has always been fond of. There’s hardly any brand that conjures up so much joy, so much desire and so much magic around it like Frooti does. I feel really good about this association and I hope you enjoy watching the ad as much as I enjoyed being a part of it.”

Conceptualised and crafted by Creativeland Asia, Parle Agro’s communication partner, the brand’s TV commercial revolves around the magic of fresh ‘n’ juicy mangoes, their mouth-watering deliciousness and the innocent child-like desire for them. At a time when beverages in this segment are busy wooing viewers with seductive commercials, Frooti has Shahrukh take audiences back to the simple joys of enjoying the pure, fresh ‘n’ juicy taste of mangoes on a hot summer’s day.

Shahrukh Khan - Frooti - 4-3-13

During the ad shoot, we see our favourite Bollywood star not only singing to Frooti tunes and being his young playful self, but also enjoying himself with the kidson the set. This humble and down to earth persona is what truly makes him the King of Bollywood.So when this scorching summer gets a bit too much to take, beat the heat in theroyal company of King Khan and the King of Mangoes with a fresh ‘n’ juicy Frooti.

 About Parle Agro

Parle Agro is a trusted Food & Beverage player with iconic brands that are recognized as household names in India. The company has been consistently delighting consumers with new products, tastes and experiences, for more than two decades. Its product portfolio ranges from sparkling and still beverages, to delicious snacks, confectionery and bottled water.

Known for its innovative products and packaging, the company has been a long standing market leader in fruit based beverages. It was the first Indian company to offer packaged fruit drinks in tetra and PET formats. With its diversification into foods in 2007, Parle Agro aims to achieve its vision of being a leader in the Indian foods and beverages industry.

ParleAgro’s brands include Frooti (mango drink), Appy (apple drink), Appy Fizz (sparkling apple drink), Grappo Fizz (sparkling grape drink), Bailley (packaged drinking water), Hippo (baked wheat snack), Hippo Round-Round (round shaped, baked snack), Softease and SofteaseMithai (Toffees).