IVS School of Design organised a fashion show with ACID VICTIMS to support social cause

10th  March, 2018, New Delhi: The IVS School of Design and Innovation organised a fashion show with ACID VICTIMS to support social cause on its 10th anniversary. On this occasion Acid Victims survivor walked the ramp, the most prominent names are Anshu, Neetu , Shabnam and Sonia. IVS School of Design also

announced today its decision to start India’s biggest design and innovation platform, the Centre for Design and Innovation (CDI). The announcement was made at an event held by the organisation in Delhi today in the presence of the Hungarian Ambassador, Mr Gyulu Petho and other luminaries from the design, architecture and related fields. The IVS School of Design is tying up with a major realty company to set up CDI as a vertical campus city in Delhi NCR (in Gurugram and Manesar). This mega infrastructure aimed at start-ups and existing businesses will be built over an area of more than 7 lakh square feet.The Centre will be geared towards designing products and services for the future. The vertical cities project is likely to give employment to more than 5000 people in areas such as design and technology.

“The Centre of Design and Innovation will fill the missing gap between the industry and the academia. This will cement India as the hub of design in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Ms TulikaPuriKatyal, Founder, Centre for Design and Innovation. “We expect ideas around design to grow from the D2B (design to business) and B2D (business to design) spaces, specifically to meet new opportunities.”

“Innovations such as the Centre for Design and Innovationmust be explored for bilateral and global collaborations,” said Mr GyuluPetho. CDI isthe first and only platform in India to connect design to business and business to design. Since innovation is the key in today’s business environment, design thinking and creativity needs to be taught and be made accessible to entrepreneurs. The academic component includes courses for freshers, mid- as well as senior-level professionals in design thinking, innovation, strategy and management. As a platform, it will build entrepreneurial skills in designers and enable a connect to the opportunities in global markets. It will also be an accreditation body for design institutes and firms.

“India needs to be a leader in every sphere and developing the country as a design hub will help strengthen the growth targets,” said Dr Sambit Patra, BJP Leader and Official Party Spokesperson. “India already has a National Design Policy which I am told is among the most advanced in the world. Innovations such as the Centre for Design and Innovation will help India reap the demographic dividend and solve youth employment problems”, added Dr Patra.

“In as little as 5-7 years, many of the world’s best-known professions will become redundant. This event, for us, is the beginning of advocacy on design thinking as a solution to growing and maintaining India’s leadership in human resources with skills that are focussed on the markets of the future,” said Mr DarpanKatyal, co-Founder of the Centre for Design and Innovation.

The event also witnessed many industry captains from sectors such as Design, Information Technology, Media, and Architecture, discuss key sectoral themes such as Design Thinking for Businesses, Indian-ness in Design, and Future Technologies in Design in a series of panel discussions.

Senior professionals and industry stalwarts who took part include Mr. Raghu Rai, legendary photo journalist, Mr. Pablo Castells, CEO, Indsight Consulting, Ms. Aditi Khurana, International Regional Coordinator, NYSchool of Visual Art, Ms. MrinaliniGhadiok, Architect Editor, Mondo Arc India, and Ritesh Malik Managing Director, Innov8, among others.

Key issuesdiscussed included the importance of design training for management and technology professionals and the importance of introducing design thinking and creative education at the school level. But the most crucial topic discussed was how future technologies such as AI, IoT, Robotics, AR/VR are transforming the design world.

“Design must lead, and not follow innovation,” said Raghu Rai. “It will drive businesses in the future and as a country we need to train our people in design thinking.”

The riveting panel discussions were followed by a unique fashion walk curated by the students of the IVS School of Design. Acid attack victims walked the ramp in support of the theme of the event, ‘Redesigning Design.’

“Acid attack survivors, who are walking the ramp for us today, are showing us that we as a society need to take a stand against violence, especially gender-based violence,” said TulikaPuriKatyal.

About IVS School of Design

Awarded as the best design school in North India, the IVS School of Design was set up by industry professionals and offers specializations in Interior Architecture and Design. The school which was set up in 2008 currently has more than 1000 students across 5 centres – 4 in Delhi and one in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. It is aiming to expand to 40 centers across the country with a target of teaching 10,000 students within the next 5 years. The School is also uniquely placed in the design industry as one of the few institutes which have got placements for more than 3000 students in the design industry over the last decade. The School’s vision is to make India a centre of design in Asia competing with Singapore directly.

About TulikaPuriKatyal

A gold medalist from Sushant School of Art and Architecture and a Masters in Interior Architecture from Drexel University, Philadelphia, U.S.A. Tulika is a Partner at Urbane – The Design Workshop.

Tulika has worked on some of the world’s landmark projects including the Mariott at the World Trade Centre, New York, as part of her remit with A.C.A. in New York City and D.A.S Architects in Philadelphia.

Bringing her international experience with her, Tulika joined Urbane-The Design Workshop in 2002 as a partner heading the interior design department, responsible for projects such as a 5 Star hotel in Malsl Estate, Hotel President at Dehradun, and Formula 1 hotels for the Accor group. Tulika has successfully headed several corporate projects including offices for Michelin Tyres, DHL, Expro India and Tata McGraw Hill. Her background and knowledge of the healthcare industry has helped the firm deliver some of the most well-designed hospitals in India with the top names like Fortis Healthcare, Artemis Health Science, Max Healthcare, and Moolchand Hospital.

Tulika has recently launched a company for high-end boutique residences and hospitality spaces in a joint venture with CarolineDeroch, a boutique French designer.

About DarpanKatyal

DarpanKatyal is thefounder member ofUrbane – TheDesignWorkshop, a 21 years old architecture and interiordesign studioestablishedin1997.

An architect by profession, Darpanis a serial entrepreneur setting up businesses based on innovation. He has workedonlarge-scaleurbandesignandcommercial projects, including the DistrictCenterSaket,and the CityCenter, Connaught Place, in New Delhi.

Darpan’sfirstproject,TheInternational Youth Hostel, received an honorable mentionandwasinvitedforapresentationbytheInternationalYouthHostelFederation, France. Hisdynamic visionandabilitytoplay withspace has redefinedthe use of space, exemplified by hisworkinthecorporatesectorincludingTCS,Schlumberger,Techspan,Intellevate,PVR,NalliSilkHouseanddeveloperslikeLogixPark,Grid Infra,OmaxeandHines.

Darpan’s vision of creating a humane environment led to the founding of an innovative design school, the IVS School of Design, that aims to create India as a centre of design in Asia, competing with Singapore.