International experts in cancer and neuroscience kick off collaboration with the aiForward program to bring AI to medical research

aiForward is an open, global program created by Aiforia, aiming to advance the use of AI-powered image analysis in medical research, focusing initially on neuroscience, cancer, and lifestyle diseases. The program was launched in December 2018 and has attracted wide international interest — receiving applications from institutes in Norway, the United States, and other countries. These applications are reviewed regularly by an independent Advisory Team, of which the first three internationally-recognized scientific experts have been confirmed.

aiForward’s Advisory Team’s first members are Professor Joseph Geradts from City of Hope National Medical Center, United States, Dr. Fredric Manfredsson from Michigan State University, United States, and Dr. Juha Kononen from the Department of Oncology at Central Finland Hospital. The Advisory Team evaluates the scientific validity of the proposals and provides expert insights and guidance on the selected research projects.

The three members bring together years of versatile experience from various positions held at some of the world’s most highly regarded institutes such as Oxford University and the Dana-Farber Cancer institute, in a wide range of clinical and molecular research fields from oncology to neuroscience.

Professor Geradts is a board-certified specialist in anatomical pathology and an accomplished cancer researcher and clinician, recently initiating several studies that utilize deep learning algorithms for the development of novel prognostic and predictive breast cancer models. “[Joining the Advisory Team] allows me to provide my input on research projects that may significantly advance the application of artificial intelligence in anatomic pathology. Aiforia has the potential to play a significant role in this area, which I consider critical to the future of pathology,” Professor Geradts comments on his new role in reviewing aiForward projects focused on cancer research.

Dr. Kononen is also collaborating with Aifoira to provide his advice and expertise in cancer. Dr. Kononen is a board-certified oncologist and leads the oncology department at a large hospital in Finland. Meanwhile Dr. Manfredsson, an assistant professor of Translational Science and Molecular Medicine, will provide his expertise to neuroscience led projects. He is currently pioneering research focusing on the engineering and application of viral vectors in the study and treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Aiforia is excited to be collaborating with such accomplished researchers and clinicians in order to launch the first few projects to bring deep learning AI to the lab bench. AI and deep learning methods hold the promise of increased consistency and speed in the evaluation of pathologic specimens, and automated algorithms enable highly quantitative assessments,” says Professor Geradts, and continues, “They may also allow the identification and utilization of features in histologic or cytologic specimens that may be difficult to appreciate or quantify by the human eye and brain.” Aiforia as well is excited to observe and share the progress of these projects, and the momentous results that are sure to be generated through the use of AI.

Applications are accepted on a continuous basis in the fields of cancer, neuroscience, and lifestyle diseases. These can be submitted through the program website now at