India’s leading on-demand home services startup Timesaverz announces its operations in Chennai

Chennai/Mumbai, December 11, 2017: Timesaverz, a one-stop destination for home services today announced the launch of its operations in Chennai. The expansion into newer markets is a key part of the company’s next phase of growth along with vertical expansion in its service categories. Until now, the company had its operations available in Mumbai, Delhi/Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Pune. Looking at the company’s noteworthy success so far in such a highly competitive market, Timesaverz’s founders are eyeing a breakeven stage by the closing of the current financial year.

Commenting on the launch, Debadutta Upadhyaya, Co-Founder and CEO, Timesaverz said “Timesaverz business operations with decent revenue contribution from 2 channels i.e. B2C, and B2B2C has helped the company come to a stage where we are profitable in 2 out of the 5 service categories and 3 out of the 5 cities that we operate in. Additionally, Timesaverz enjoys an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 48, repeat requests of 32% and an average work order of Rs 2500+. Owing to the notable growth so far in a highly competitive market, Timesaverz is now expanding its operations to Chennai, a critical Indian metro.

Lovnish Bhatia, Co-Founder and COO, Timesaverz added “The USP of the company lies in the fact that it uses available live data that offers actual insights about its user’s spend pattern and applying it to better user experience in the future. Another factor is the e-cart payment flow plus automated processes that take away the requirement for a huge backend team.

The founders Debadutta Upadhyaya and Lovnish Bhatia noticed the gap in the home services market for the need of handymen and other service providers at one’s home at a preferred time and economical pricing. Aiming to address this gap, both of them started Timesaverz. Being a technology-enabled e-home services startup, Timesaverz uses state-of-the-art technology to maximise customer satisfaction and deliver best results in terms of services that they provide, and also be a convenient and sought after platform for the service providers. Since inception, the focus is equal for customers as well as service providers for its app business and they have been gradually working on it to deliver better results to both these stakeholders.

On starting up, the founders mainly had three key areas in mind to lay maximum focus on. The first one being standardization of scope of service as well as keeping the rates affordable so that it actually is practical for everyone to avail the services and make their lives more convenient; secondly, having a three-layered verification process of service providers; and thirdly, building the scheduling platform for customers modelled on an e-cart module.

Though there are quite a few competitors in the market currently providing similar services, but Timesaverz has always strived to make itself stand apart. Timesaverz follows a fulfillment model and not just a lead-based model. This means that the company takes responsibility for service delivery right from the time the customer places an order to generating the invoice post service delivery. Moreover, unlike most of the competitors, Timesaverz is gradually succeeding towards being a profitable business.

One key factor that indicates a promising future for the company in this crowded and competitive space is that it is indeed making profits in certain categories and cities, unlike other key players in the segment. The company is gradually becoming more proficient unit economics wise and going against the odds of the startup ecosystem.

What’s Next: With new technologies like AI and Machine learning gaining momentum, Timesaverz is working on the same to provide a more intelligent experience to its customers and service providers. In the future, we will all have robots doing all our mundane tasks for us… until such time, let Timesaverz do it for you.

About Timesaverz:

Timesaverz is India’s first e-home services company, co-founded by IIM Kolkata alumni Debadutta Upadhyaya (aka Deb) along with Lovnish Bhatia. The company helps the busy denizens of metropolitan cities save their time and energy wasted while scouting for home chore solutions. Available as a website as well as a mobile app, Timesaverz endeavors to make the everyday lives of Indian’s simple.

Based in Mumbai, Timesaverz operates in all the key metro cities such as Delhi NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and now Chennai too. In the coming years, the company intends to launch a new range of services and expand its service offerings to other cities in India as well. Timesaverz gives paramount importance to customer satisfaction and hence takes regular feedbacks and quality control checks to ensure that the service requests are fulfilled on time and with 100% accountability.

Timesaverz was started with an initial investment by founders as well as Neville Taraporewalla (who is presently a Board member). Incubated at GSF, shortly afterward the company was seed funded by a group of angel investors, led by Rajesh Sawhney before Ronnie Screwvala’s Unilazer Ventures funded the A-Series round in 2015.

Three years into its journey, Timesaverz has provided curated support for various home services needs ranging from deep cleaning tasks, appliance repairs, pest control services, handymen jobs, just to name a few. In a country with a huge unemployment ratio, the company is connecting many talented servicing professionals with the end users, helping them earn a steady flow of income too.

Go ahead; make Timesaverz your one-stop solution for all your pesky home chores. We’re here to #savetheday!