Finlandia Platinum Vodka Gift Packs Designed By Couturier Suneet Varma – Salute The Spirit of Good Design

Designer Suneet Varma Pack for Platinum Finlandia Vodka

Available across all duty free shops in India

Once again raising the bench mark of innovative design, Finlandia Vodka, synonymous with fashion and unreeled design, present to the discerning Indian audience a limited edition gift pack of Finlandia Platinum that carries a signature sketch by Suneet Varma on it’s cover.

The world’s most expensive vodka, Finlandia Platinum is crafted by Markku Raittinen, the Master Taster for Finlandia Vodka Worldwide and the maker of the world’s first premium, international vodka.

 Finlandia Platinum in addition to Finlandia’s pristine glacial water has a special birch wood finishing process sending vodka’s into a new ultra luxury realm-a category never been before.

Saluting the designer’s 25 years in fashion, the pack in available at all duty free outlets in India. Shaped in a stylized hexagon, the pack in sapphire blue carries a sketch by Suneet of a resplendent Indian wedding ensemble. It captures the essence of a sophisticated India still rooted to its glorious traditions.

 Ace Fashion designer, Suneet Varma quoted, “FINDLANDIA has always been my favorite vodka brand and best suited to make cocktails that refresh your mind and soul. The brand stands for creative excellence and is forward thinking. I was thrilled when FINALNDIA Platinum gave me a carte blanche in the creative process of designing the limited edition of its box.”

 The untouched, the untainted and unspoiled vodka, FINLANDIA has been one of the most favored brands globally and is available in exotic flavors like grapefruit, cranberry, lemon etc.

Price: Rs. 5000 (1 liter)

Available: Duty Free outlets at airports.