Financial Trading Infrastructure Professional Sviridenko Named to Qurrex Leadership Team

February 27, 2018 — Amsterdam   Qurrex, a first of its kind hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, is pleased to announce the appointment of Konstantin Sviridenko as Chief Business Development Officer.


Konstantin Sviridenko brings years of technical and professional expertise in creating robust infrastructures for financial trading. He has previously worked at the RTS/MOEX Exchange and St. Petersburg stock exchange.

 “We are truly excited that Konstantin Sviridenko is now a member of our management team,”– said Qurrex CEO Matthijs Johan Lek. “His unparalleled expertise in creating technical infrastructure for financial trading, and his knowledge of financial markets’ operation are extremely valuable for Qurrex”.

Mr. Sviridenko’s background in the field is a perfect match to the ongoing work at Qurrex in development of the exchange to support today’s crypto currency market. Konstantin has a deep understanding of the operation of financial markets and the specifics of the infrastructure and operation of the Russian and western stock markets, as well as experience in creating “from scratch” trading and clearing systems.

His unparalleled skills in developing specialized software in risk management systems and in the derivatives market are highly demanded.  Konstantin worked as Business Developer and Deputy Head of the Trading Organization Department of the RTS Exchange Derivatives Market Department until 2012, developed FORTS market products, participated in the launch of new products and instruments, and assisted several major non-resident players to enter the FORTS derivatives market of RTS/MOEX Exchange as market makers.

During the last 5 years Konstantin, as a part of the team which came from Moscow Exchange, has been in charge of building trade and clearing infrastructure of Saint Petersburg Exchange from scratch, being involved in all the key business, IT and operational processes. Over 500 stocks of American companies are marketed with the help of this unique infrastructure with routing to American trading facilities. During the last 2 years Konstantin has been the Director of New Products and Services department of NP RTS and has been a member of the Management Board at Saint Petersburg Exchange.

Since the beginning of 2017, Konstantin Sviridenko has been an Advisor and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the world’s first hybrid crypto-exchange, which integrates advanced technological solutions for stock markets with a decentralized network. Konstantin has an extensive experience in creating trading and clearing systems and financial tools for stock markets and derivatives markets in Eastern Europe. Konstantin’s key responsibility at Qurrex will be to set up all operational, technological, and business processes.

Qurrex is designed to meet the challenges of the dramatic appreciation of cryptocurrencies resulting in increasing demand from brokers and institutional investors.  The platform offers a novel decentralized solution to provide secure, high performance trading that will utilize knowledge which has been accumulated from the traditional and blockchain exchange platforms. Although the new trading terminal is currently being prepared for service and undergoing updates and expansion of its functionality, the broad public will be able to familiarize itself with the trading terminal and test it in March 2018.

Qurrex’s new generation platform integrates the industrial centralized infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges (CEX*) like NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE with a decentralized blockchain-based exchange (DEX*).  The platform will substantially increase the market’s liquidity and set a new standard for crypto-exchange products.  Its reliability, security and speed are game changers for the crypto industry and professional traders alike.


About Qurrex

Qurrex is the first cryptocurrency exchange benefiting from a synergy of a high-end performance architecture comparable to leading stock exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE) and the flexibility of a decentralized network. Specifically, Qurrex’s Hybrid D(C)EX architecture combines blockchain technology with a centralized exchange that offers performance comparable to modern, cutting-edge stock exchanges. Key features of the Qurrex platform include high-end performance supporting up to 70,000 transactions per second, next-gen security, maximum transparency, high-speed APIs, and 24/7 user support.

The team behind Qurrex includes seasoned professionals with expertise in investment banking, stock exchange infrastructure development, and business development. Netherlands-based CEO Matthijs Johan Lek leads it.

The Qurrex exchange has been designed to meet the challenges of dramatic growth of cryptocurrency trading. Qurrex solves the main problems of current users of existing cryptocurrency platforms (performance, security, liquidity issues, etc.). Qurrex creates favorable conditions for a new wave of participants (including brokers and institutional investors) in the crypto world.

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