Easier access to the German labor market for Indian professionals and skilled workers

Employland develops innovative intermediary platform

Hamburg – With its internet platform www.employland.de, available in German and English, Hamburg start-up Employland is offering a new way to find work in Germany. For the first time, recruitment and legal services are being offered from a single source as a way of streamlining the labor integration process: Employland helps job-seekers with residence and work permits as well as recognition of their qualifications.

Hans-Christian Bartholatus, founder and managing director of the new online portal, says: “With Employland, we have created a platform that paves the way for qualified workers with or without a university degree to find work in Germany’s very receptive labor market. The country is already experiencing a shortage of skilled personnel, a trend set to gain even more momentum in the near future. Until now, the administrative burden created by German laws of entry and residence has proven a major obstacle both for companies in Germany as well as specialists from around the world. This is precisely where our Ready to Work service comes into play: Our qualified lawyers support the whole process up to the point of commencing employment in Germany.”

In order to protect its strong economy, Germany needs well-qualified workers from around the globe. Based on demographic developments, the IAB[1] estimates that Germany needs to achieve a net migration of 400,000 people per year in order to maintain a steady potential labor force in the long term. As part of a large-scale Qualified Professionals Initiative, the German government has been welcoming qualified immigrants since 2012. The legal and regulatory framework behind the campaign has seen significant improvements in recent years. All that was missing was a platform where all the steps to securing employment in Germany were supported in one place, and this has now been created with Employland.

Free to use for professionals and skilled workers

Job-seekers create a detailed online profile on the website and use it to introduce themselves to employers in Germany. Employers then search the platform for employees; candidates with a good command of German have the best chances of being headhunted. All profile data is stored on servers in Germany.

The service is free to use for qualified workers. Once an employment contract is concluded and the employee begins work, Employland will receive a commission from the employer. As a rule, the employer also covers the costs of the residence permit and, where applicable, recognition of the employee’s qualifications.

Employland blog

“In our blog, we show why it pays to live and work in Germany and invite readers to get involved in discussions,” says Hans-Christian Bartholatus. At blog.employland.de, job-seekers will also find experience reports, legal requirements and tips for getting settled in Germany.

High-caliber founders and management team

The team has proven expertise in building digital platforms, having developed mobile.de – one of the leading automobile markets on the internet and sold to the U.S. corporation eBay in 2004. The international team has extensive knowledge of labor market-related immigration from non-EU countries and the specifics of migration legislation.

[1] German Institute for Employment Research February 2017, IAB Summary Report No. 6/2017