Dream Big Bird Flying Machine- An-225 – World’s Largest Plane, Landed at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad

13th May 2016, Hyderabad: The world’s largest aircraft, the AN-225 Mriya, Antonov Airlines of Ukraine, was landed at the Rajiv Gandhi International Hyderabad Airport by making an over- night technical halt at one of the Indian private airports. GMR owned R.G.I Shamshabad Airport, Hyderabad which had explicably accepted to welcome this super bird flying machine. To bring this aircraft to make its maiden landing in India,one of the leading Indian Aviation Co. M/s Air Shagoon (Network) Pvt./ Ltd., led by its young and dynamic Director Mr. Rishabh Birla,  was in thorough touch with various Indian Airports while trying to make viable for the aircraft to land and get parked.

The world’s largest aircraft  the AN-225 Mriya (2)

“We managed to get the final acceptance from the technical expertise of the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad which was chosen for the halt based on several factors such as runway length, ground manoeuvring area, technical facilities, air traffic density and proximity to the trans-continental air route. The aircraft arrived in India on 13th May’2016 from Turkmenbashi in Central Asia and after 20hours halt at Hyderabad will proceed to Jakarta and thereafter to its final destination Perth, Australia. On board aircraft will be a generator that weighs 116 Tons. “ – Mr Rishabh Birla , Managing Director, Air Shagoon (Network) Pvt.LTD.

The An 225 Mriya was initially designed to carry the Buran spacecraft as an external load. Currently the only one aircraft of its type with 06 Turbofan Engines it is the biggest, longest & heaviest aircraft with a maximum take off weight of more than 600 Tons. This unique transport air lifter was designed and constructed during 1984-1988. There are only a few airports in the world which can accept this type of aircraft since the length and width of AN-225 through its wing-span is double the size of A-380 double decker aircraft.

The aircraft has been created to transport  various cargoes (large-sized, heavy, long-size) with total weight up to 250 t., intercontinental non-stop airlift of cargoes weighting 180−200 tons, intercontinental airlift of cargoes with weight up to 150 tons; and also transportation of a heavy large-size single pieces with weight up to 200 t on the external store.    Mriya has set up 240 world records including transportation of the heaviest cargo with mass of 253 tons, the heaviest single piece of cargo with mass of 186,7 t as well as the longest cargo having length of 42,1 m

The world’s largest aircraft  the AN-225 Mriya (1)

The aircraft has the spacious cargo compartment with length of 43,32 m, width of 6.4 m and height of 4.4 m,   that allows carrying a variety of cargoes inside such as Sixteen standard aeronautical containers of UAC−10 type, 50 cars, and Single piece of cargoes up to 200 t (Satellites, turbines, generators, dump trucks etc…to name a few).

M/s Air Shagoon (Network) Pvt. Ltd., the company largely responsible for making an all- out efforts by getting all technical supports from various Govt. Agencies,  authorities at Hyderabad airport and airport ground handling agency Menzies Bobba  is honoured to welcome AN-225 Mriya in India during its  maiden Sojourn.

“Mriya means Dream in Ukranian language and the name justifies the An225-Mriya. It’s astonishing vastness and might truly makes it a fascinating Dream Flying Machine.”

Mr Rishabh Birla , Managing Director, Air Shagoon (Network) Pvt.LTD.

General characteristics

  • Crew: 6
  • Length: 84 m (275 ft 7 in)
  • Wingspan: 88.4 m (290 ft 0 in)
  • Height: 18.1 m (59 ft 5 in)
  • Wing area: 905 m2 (9,740 sq ft)
  • Aspect ratio: 8.6
  • Empty weight: 285,000 kg (628,317 lb)
  • Max takeoff weight: 640,000 kg (1,410,958 lb)
  • Fuel capacity: 300,000 kg
  • Cargo hold – volume 1,300 m3 (46,000 cu ft), length 43.35m, width 6.4m, height 4.4m
  • Powerplant: 6 × ZMKB Progress D-18turbofans, 229.5 kN (51,600 lbf) thrust each


  • Maximum speed: 850 km/h (528 mph; 459 kn)
  • Cruising speed: 800 km/h (497 mph; 432 kn)
  • Range: 15,400 km (9,569 mi; 8,315 nmi) with maximum fuel; range with 200 tonnes payload: 4,000 km (2,500 mi)
  • Service ceiling: 11,000 m (36,089 ft)
  • Wing loading: 662.9 kg/m2 (135.8 lb/sq ft)
  • Thrust/weight: 0.234