Brahmins Group, Kerala – giving back to society much more than what it draws for its sustenance.

The Brahmins Group, Kerala, has been in the forefront of the crusade to provide 100 percent authentic, vegetarian cuisine for more than three decades now. A family owned enterprise the entity has perfected the art of retaining flavour while preserving the nutritional value of exotic spices, which has made its products not only a raging hit in the local market but also much sought after in the discerning overseas markets.

With roots that go deep into the essence and flavour that is Kerala, Brahmins Group has witnessed exponential growth, mechanising its operations with a vengeance so as to minimise human contact and maintain purity. This is a reflection of the obsessive levels to which the entity pushes itself to maintain the stamp of un-compromised quality that the Brahmins name has come to represent.

What makes the Brahmins group stand head and shoulders above the rest however is its concern for the society from which it draws its sustenance and its stated mission to giving back as a responsible corporate citizen. “CSR, at the Brahmins Group is not an afterthought” says Shreenath Vishnu, Executive Director, “CSR is ingrained in everything that the entity does. At the Brahmins group, CSR is not merely about activities that are to be complied in keeping with the legal diktats – quite on the contrary, such activities are the core around which the entity’s forays are strung”.

CSR is also not a knee-jerk reaction at the Brahmins group – activities that are undertaken to mitigate the loss and suffering brought about by calamities, natural or otherwise. At the Brahmins group, such activities are continuous and are conducted round the clock, so that the fruits of honest labour can be shared with all members of the community.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the untold sufferings that has been unleashed on the hapless population by the resultant lock-down is another case in point. The Brahmins group, from the day one. Has gone out of its way to reach out its hand of empathy, often opening its coffers to help those who need support and empathy in this hour of tragedy. From masks to foodstuff and other essential commodities – the Brahmins Group has, without reservations of any kind, assisted the front-line fighters with vital materials and logistical support – in a continuous and unstinting manner.

The fact that the Brahmins Group did not allow the threat posed by the virus to jeopardise its production activities – strictly complying with the mandated social distancing norms, as it is well aware about the importance of its contribution to the socio-economic needs of the community is another example of putting the Nation before the self. Social Responsibility, indeed, comes in various forms and it is no surprise that the Brahmins Group excels in all its forms.

The community and the authorities, in turn, have showered their appreciation, acknowledging the selfless work of the group which has also been widely reported in the local media.

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