Best Train Enquiry Experience for Indian Railways Travelers on UC Browser

UC_Logo– Launches intelligent PNR Status Checker along with a host of features and a sleek UI –

New Delhi, July 21st– India’s leading mobile browser UC Browser today released the PNR Status Checker on UC Browser, providing India train travelers a reason to rejoice with the best mobile train enquiry service. Launched with the objective of benefitting the14 million people traveling by the Indian Railways everyday, this free service comes with a sleek UI and provides a fast and convenient means of getting information about train status, schedules, and routes. Most importantly, it requires no verification codes and remembers your enquiry history so you no longer have to input your enquiry number every time you check your train status. This service can be quickly accessed via various links on UC Browser’s homepage navigation and is available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms. You can also access it at


Find “IndiaTrain” at Top Sites or under Shopping & Utility on UC Browser for Android.

Highlights of the service include the following:

  1. PNR Status – UC Browser provides the quickest way to check your PNR status online without any registration or captcha. Simply input your PNR number to get your train details. Moreover, the browser remembers your enquiry history so you do not have to input your enquiry number next time you check the status. Instead, you get automatic status updates about your train, which you can also share with your fellow passengers through SMS.


UC Browser remembers your enquiry history.

  1. Train Status – Never miss a train with real-time train status updates on UC Browser. Once you input your train number, you can track the train’s location and status so you are informed of any delays and can plan accordingly. UC Browser also remembers your PNR Status enquiry history and automatically recommends the train to you when you go to Train Status enquiry.


  1. Train Search – This comes in handy for those uncertain about which trains to take to get to their desired destination, helping them better plan their next travel. Train Search shows you the fastest route to get to your destination, allowing you to search for trains between stations, seat availability, as well as the corresponding fare.


As India’s most popular mobile browser, UC Browser is firmly committed to delivering mobile services that not only provide entertainment, but also have the capacity to improve the everyday lives of its users. The PNR Status Checker on UC Browser is a testament to this commitment. With this latest free service, UC Browser deftly answers the need of millions of Indian Railways travelers.

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