BESC hosts the Baraat for Badrinath ki Dulhania

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What does a British Actor cum Singer, out to conquer Bollywood as Badrinath ki Dulhania do to freeze the frame? She lands up in Bhawanipur – the Bhawanipr Education Society College (BESC) – to the world, as has become the norm these days. Remember Hritik Roshan going through the motions a few weeks back? Or Sanju baba talking motivation? The Big B and the Pink stuff?

Offo! There is solid commercial reason behind such moves – where else will one get a ready audience that is pumped up and primed for the meet and greets? “There is no method in our madness though” gushed the PYT’s who were swaying to the tunes that have, in part, made Alia Bhatt the sensation that she is. Besides, college authorities were quick to point out, Alia Bhatt was also requested by Prof Dilip Shah, the Dean of Student Affairs to unveil the official magazine of Umang – BESC’s signature College Fest. Definitely, another first for Umang, which is morphing into THE fest in Kolkata’s event calendar.

The Turf – the sporting arena of BESC is transformed into a stage with a lucky few (read hundreds) thronging the perimeter as Miraj D Shah, the Vice Chairman of the Institution formally welcomed the stars. Balconies on six floors that face the turf pack up with students wishing to live their dreams as Bollywood descends on their campus – with full glitz, glamour and chutzpah to woo the young minds and sell dreams that are larger than life itself. Forget the Dulhania, with a Baraat like this, Badrinath must really be one lucky guy!

“BESC is the most happening campus in Kolkata” said one of the key persons managing the event, “and it is always a pleasure to work with the management and the students of the institute. The audience is extremely receptive and because of the confined nature of the campus, it both easy to secure the celebrity and provide them with ready eyeballs for easy connect”.

“Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan are both stars on their own rights, but together, they are stuff that Box Office legends are made of” explained a student, an obvious AB-VD camp loyalist. “Their Celluloid chemistry has already given the industry upwards of INR 150 crores in terms of collections and Bardinath ki Dulhania is all set to work the same magic on the audience. I am really excited that the Student of the Year has decided to come to BESC and spend some quality time with us, students!”

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