Beltek Canadian Water Limited Now Launches WILD WATER

An All-Natural Vitamin Infused Water

New Delhi,2012: Beltek Canadian Water Limited, a market leader in the business of Bulk Water in Delhi/ NCR having the franchise for Aquafina, now introduces Wild Water. Packed with nutritional value and prepared with finest ingredients, is 100% natural vitamin rich flavored drink with natural colors and flavors has no preservatives. Wild Water is available in four exciting flavors and functions. Energise– Tropical Citrus flavoured, Reload– Lemonade flavoured, Immunity– Dragon Fruit flavoured, Detox– Strawberry Kiwi flavoured.

Price: Rupees70/-

Availability: Premium departmental stores in Delhi/ NCR

About Beltek Canadian Water Limited

Beltek Canadian Water Limited (BCWL) is the leader in the bulk water business, through its vast enrollment of corporate and domestic accounts. It has been in the beverage business since 1995. Also, Beltek Canadian Water has the franchisees of Pepsico, since 2003 for their packaged drinking water in 20 litres and 25 litres categories, and are bottling, distributing and selling world’s most prestigious brand Aquafina in India on their behalf.