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WB_LOGO_Header,0Today a good looking building is a major requisite for people. A home should not only be comfortable, spacious and safe, but also should catch everyone’s attention. Clay tiles are a complete solution towards this. From ancient times to contemporary age of today, clay tiles have been a major constituent of home construction materials as it not only imparts durability but also provides an artistic look to the building. Its holistic approach tends to impose a strong appeal towards home owners, builders and architects.
There was a time when clay tiles became very monotonous. But today, a lot of innovation has incorporated in its usage, patterns and designs. Certainly they ensure permanency and low maintenance cost but people are approaching more towards designer clay tiles to create a long term artistic impression amongst the viewer of the house.



Exotic Artistic Roofs Using Clay Tiles

Clay tiles have a wide variety which can be used for different purposes according to your desires. Let’s check out few ideas on using these kind of tiles in roofs to expand the aesthetic appeal of your home:-


  • Colors- Variation of colors can be used in case of clay tiles offering your home with porch and detail. Be it red, (terra cotta) or glazy or matte finish, there are few basic standard or custom colorsof clay tiles which bestow elegance in case of roofs. There are fantastic array of color blends available. The authentic red or brick color can be used in roofs to bestow a touch of traditionalism in the look of your house. For a smart looks, the greyish smoked color can be used inflicting a distinctive appearance. For example, a home painted white can have a dark roof to bring into contrast and a balance of symmetry.


Different colour materials constitute these roofing tiles made of clay, thus providing us with a modish look. Polychromatic glazes on natural terra cotta bodies of Italian era can be revived back using these kind of tiles.Thus colorful clay tiles exhibits inherent beauty of your home, rendering expressive charm.Wienerberger’s Koramic clay tiles provide you with range of surfaces like natural, engobed, glazed and sanded. Demanding on the type of colour you want, these surface treatments are given matt or satin sheen finish. In this way Koramic clay tiles has 50 variations of colors.



  • Shape & Pattern- Clay tiles proffer innumerable shapes and textures. These on the other hand expand the inventive aspect of roof. The ‘S’ shaped tiles are trending today in the market. Even home owners and architects are going for these tiles for its impressive appearance it holds. Also turret roof designs and fan shaped clay tiles are new comers today. Varying roof molds like conical roof mold, gothic roof moldmade of clay tiles submit a distinctive look to your home. Koramic clay tiles offer a vast range of shapes and patterns like Beaver tile, Flat interlocking tile, Flemish Tile, Monk, nun , Roman tile etc. They vouchsafe a fine aspect of majestic manifestation of homes. Varying shapes and textures of clay tiles are majorly used today to make a building stand out from the rest in its style and originality.


  • Mix & Match- A building can be a ‘mix and match’ of ancient and contemporary. Also, a dovetail of urban and rural style can be presented with the help of the usage of clay tiles in roofs. A building can be made elegant with the mix of modernism and traditionalism, which can be extendedwith the help of clay tiles. Clay tiles, being a major part of ancient days, can elevate the conventional look of the building. This kind of ‘mix and match’ is a great way towards being a pioneer in home architect and design and can be used in resorts and stay homes to grab attention of the people.


  • Positioning- A building can be made eye catching and appealing with the help of the proper and innovative positioning of the clay tiles. Instead of using them only for the main roof, they can be used over balcony, as a shade of the windows or over doors. Different levels of roofing are in fashion today. The entry and balcony can be balanced with the help of clay tile roofing over the chimney, communicating singularity and idiosyncrasy. This not only furnishes the look of your house in a better way but also increases the overall impact of house architecture. Positioning of roofs can be done very subtly and gracefully with the aid of clay tiles of various patterns and shapes.



Home building today encompasses a lot of strands. There was a time when building or owning a home mainly dealt with comfort and security. But today, one main ingredient of home building and architecture is its look and design. With the emergence of better and innovative products in the market, people are majorly brooding over the ornamental and creative aspects of how their homes appear. Clay tiles are one of those ways which not only ensure a better way of architecture but also promise a strong demeanor of design and appearance.

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